Thought for Sunday 7th June

By Revd Nick Oborski on June 6, 2020

Thought for The Day – Trinity Sunday

Thought for the Day 7th June 2020

Today is Trinity Sunday and I invite you to read Psalm 8 the Psalm set for this Sunday. Normal I’d talk about the Trinity but the continued deaths from covid and the impact of a single death in America the tragic death of George Floyd have lead me to go in a different direction because I think the message the world needs to hear is this

People matter to God – Every Person matters to God and I believe Psalm 8 reminds us of this fact.

A number of years ago Sandra and I went on holiday to Switzerland in the Summer and of course part of the holiday involved walking up and down mountains. One of the most beautiful was Santis. It felt like being on top of the world. A picture postcard scene below so small that I felt I could reach out and pick it up with my hand. If you’ve shared that experience of looking down from on high, I’m sure you will agree that distance changes our perspective.

David looked up to space and wondered about his value. One small human being in the infinity of the cosmos which God had created. The natural question was to ask what are people – small, fragile, insignificant – how does God even notice them? Then David sat down and produced Psalm 8.

The psalm tells us of our special significance to God. Isn’t it great to know that out of the myriad of things that God has created we are his favorite? Each of us is made in the image of God. Each of us carries his image, some of his attributes. Wisdom, rational thought, justice, goodness. We can choose whether to use them but all of us have them.

God has placed in us a soul that longs to be in relationship with God. We may mask it tune it out, but it’s there hidden away. We ask questions “What is life about?” “Where am I heading?” “Where did I come from?” We need to know the answers. We matter to God and he wants us to know the answers.

The Bible tells us we are made in the image of God. God’s characteristics his attributes are within us. And because of that we can come into his presence if we recognise what he has done for us. He allowed his son Jesus to die so that if we turn to him and reject the wrong things of our past, we can start a new life with God at the centre.

Those who know that to be true for themselves want to tell others that’s why I’m writing this now. To tell you that “you matter to God.” You are made in the image of God and God wants you to share in a relationship with him.

If we accept this truth, then we need to reflect on how we live our life. Our life needs to be centered on sharing what God has done through Jesus letting everyone know that they matter to Jesus. Amen

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