Messy Church


Messy Church is a form of church for children and adults at all stages of their faith journey.

Each session has a Biblical theme which is explored through craft activities, games, puppets, story, prayer, song and ends with a sit-down meal together.




We meet on the 2nd Sunday of each month (apart from August) from 3 – 5pm.

Messy Church dates for 2019 / 2020

September     8th
October          13th
November     10th
December     8th
January        12th
February     9th
March          8th
April             5th   (1st Sunday of the month)
May              10th
June            14th
July             12th

All are welcome to join us as a family for these sessions.

Messy Church Gallery

We all fit together!!

September 2019

Theme – God loves a cheerful giver

Cheerful giving bags

We talked about how God is pleased when we share what we have with others.


Protecting crops: hairy caterpillars

The hairy caterpillar reminds us that God will watch over our crops and all that we do and give to God.


Glad faces

We talked about what we are glad for.

The glad faces we made and put in our tins reminds us to be thankful for God’s blessings.


Fruits from the harvest

We talked about how fruit and vegetables are a gift from God.


Playing with playdough and sand


We all love our Fellowship meal!! (Thank-you, Rita)


July 2019

Theme – Created for Community

  A snake tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden

  Walk with Jesus

We decorated feet shape biscuits and talked about how we can help each other to make the right choices.

  Walking colours

We put skittles in to water and watched the colours mixing together.

We talked about how our lives look different when we are with others than it does when we are on our own.

  Prayer Cloud

We added a prayer to the cloud and talked about God answering our prayers.

   Walking on raw eggs

We took turns to walk over the eggs. We thought that they would break and were surprised when they took our weight!!!

We talked about how impossible things can become possible by sharing our doubts with God.

April 2019

Theme – Always with us

 New Creation butterfly

We made a colourful butterfly and talked about what is special about a butterfly. The Bible says that when we believe in Jesus, we change in to something new too!! We don’t look different, but we are different inside because God’s spirit comes in to our lives and helps us become more like Him.

The colours of Easter keyring

We made a keyring and talked about what the colour of each bead reminded us of.

  Suncatcher cross

We coloured in a cross and talked about how Jesus’ resurrection and new life has brought people hope in the past and still brings people hope today.

May 2019

Theme – Dazzling Disciples

 Woven stars

We made a star and talked about how we can never count the number of stars, as much as we try. We thought about how we can shine like a star to be a disciple of God.

Galaxy Dough creations

We talked about how big the galaxy and the world are. God thought of everything and created stars to lighten up the sky. He created us to be dazzling disciples, spreading God’s light to all the world.

Dancing Disciples

We rubbed the balloon on our hair and then made the tissue paper disciples stand up and dance! We thought about why that had happened and talked about how God helps us to be His disciples.