Sunday Worship 20 September 2020

By Preacher Sarah Aggrey-Ogoe on September 19, 2020

The Generosity of God – Rev Kofi Amissah

Pre-recorded service led by Rev Kofi Amissah, Preacher Sarah Aggrey-Ogoe, with contributions from Gareth Knowles and members of the Cyncoed and other Congregations.

Please see the link below and the attached reflection for the day:

By Mr Anthony Thomas
Text: Matthew 20:16 – The Last Will be First and the First Will be Last
Passage: Matthew 20: 1-16
How can anybody be both first and last? We think of these words as completely opposite and
so it seems impossible to be both things. But these passages are not exclusive in referring to
something being simultaneously first and last. In the hymn “This, this is the God we adore”
we sing Jesus the first and the last. In Cornwall, Scotland, West Wales, and probably many
other places, you will find the First and Last pub. Jesus is first and last (or Alpha and Omega
as we read in the Revelation) because, as God, he was there from the beginning of time and
can be relied on to remain the same until the end of time. The pubs can claim to be both first
and last depending on whether you come to them at the start or end of your journey.
When Jesus uses this phrase he was speaking about different ways of measuring. He was
speaking to those who thought that they were first in line to God’s favour because of their
ancestry; that they were the chosen people. He was also speaking to his disciples who vied to
be on the left or right of Jesus in his Kingdom. They were the first to recognise Jesus for who
and what he was. They had given up everything to follow him. Surely, they should have the
highest place in God’s kingdom.
Are there people like that in our church? The family of a long line of Methodists, the person
who’s been Sunday School teacher, preacher, steward, treasurer, been on every committee,
somebody who thinks that they should be respected, taken notice of, deserving of a special
place in God’s Kingdom. Is that the way we think about our self? But God doesn’t value who
are ancestors were or how long we’ve been followers or how hard we’ve worked. God’s grace
is freely and fully given to all. We are invited to work in the service of God, and other
people, in grateful thanks for his generous gifts. God is in the marketplace looking for more
people, including those that everybody else tries to ignore, to join with us in that service.
Don’t be angry with God, but rejoice, that this is the nature of God and the values in his


Stay blessed


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