Bite Size Bible Bits.

By on April 24, 2021

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If you work for peace, you’re family, and, if you suffer because you
follow God, heaven has a space with your name on it. Be happy in
all these situations, tough though they may be. Whatever people
say or do, stay bright, because heaven is a treasure and it’s for you.

Certain of what you think and say? Confident about your own
opinions? In which case, you’re walking away from God.
(Proverbs 8)

Worry helps you grow taller and live longer. Do you believe that? Of
course not! So stop worrying and start making the most of the day
God gives you. (Matthew)

If you don’t hear the poor when they cry out, how do you think you
will be heard? (Proverbs 21,13

Life is a journey where we’re always looking for somewhere to call
home. And we’re getting there! God never abandons us and Jesus is
the same, yesterday, today and forever. Having him to help us
rather than other people’s voices telling us is a big step up into the
sunshine. It’s like hearing about the creation from the creator
himself. (Hebrews)

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