Prayer for 5th May

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Prayer Month 5th May

Today’s thoughts are provided by Rev. Alexis Mahoney

On Prayer:

“British public turn to prayer…1”. As you can imagine, this recent newspaper headline immediately caught my attention. In a nutshell it reported that there’s been a surge of interest in prayer as 1 in 20 people in Britain have now started to pray since the coronavirus lockdown was put in place.

The findings of this poll confirm what many of us already sense or know: that people pray more during unusual or stressful times of anxiety and danger. Further proof of this is the Church of England reporting that over 6000 people called into a coronavirus prayer hotline in the first 48 hours of it being opened.

And, according to the poll, the most frequent subjects of prayer since the lockdown has been: family (53%), friends (34%), thanking God (24%), the person praying (28%), frontline services (27%), someone unwell with Covid-19 (20%), and other countries with Covid-19 (15%).

I find this sort of poll fascinating as it’s a really good indicator for where people’s values lie, (and possibly ours too, if we’re honest). Where their heart is. What they truly love and care about.

In light of this I invite us all to pray into, and alongside, what’s on the hearts and minds of the people of the UK during this time of anxiety and crisis.

Prayer :

“Lord Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who loves us all with such delight and depth, we pray for ours, and for everyone’s families and friends. Protect them from all evil, keep them from all harm, embrace them with your loving arms so that they feel the comfort and peace and security of your irrepressible and all-inclusive love, which is always offered to us all.

Gracious Lord, we are also so thankful for what you have always-already given us. We look around us and see that you have given us so many wonderful people, so many wonderful things!

We thank you for the love and fellowship we find in our churches, in our Circuits and our Synod. We thank you for the selflessness and braveness of our front line services. We thank you for the gifts of a smile and laughter, for compassion and empathy. We thank you for the gifts of art, science, poetry and music, for good food and water, for a roof over our head, and indeed for everything you give us to live an abundant life through Jesus Christ.

And Lord, I pray for me and my position, and for all the “me’s” you have created in your image. All those millions and millions of uniquely crafted individuals you love, no matter who they are. Make me feel loved and protected by you. Please don’t let me get ill. Please give me your strength so I can be strong for those who need me, and help me remember that ‘I’ is always better with you.

Merciful Lord, we also pray for all those who are ill with Covid-19. We dare to ask for your hand to touch them and ease their pain and distress; Lord – heal them. And we pray for ours and other countries struggling to contain this dis-ease. Let us all know your presence in ours and their anxiety and grief; give us all hope and light and love! Help us all find a vaccine so that healing can proceed. Lord – heal us all.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen.”

Guardian  3rd May : British public turn to prayer

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