You may remember when the Baby Baskets went to Cwtch,
It was hinted that there may be something else in the Pipeline.
So, after being given the ‘official go ahead,’ here it is.
The challenge is, working through the Food bank,
to provide 100 eggs for 100 children at Easter time.
We have to be specific in the request they must be
Cadburys brown milk chocolate hollow eggs approx £1.00 each.
They are available at most supermarkets, however, if you are unable to buy them and would still like to participate let us know and we will buy them for you. –
We are EGG-STREMEELY confident that you will meet this
And give a BIG HUG and a BIG THANK YOU from the children.
Please bring your eggs to the Church between March 3rd & 24th 2019
To allow time for distribution from the Food bank Depot
Chris and Marilyn

1. The Dairy Milk Hollow egg is the ‘healthy option’ it will not
cause: sugar overload, tooth damage or added colour
allergic reactions.
2. They will be given with the families food Collection and will
fit easily into the carrier bags, which they have to carry
3. We are mindful you have recently provided items for the
Baby Baskets and are keen not to offend your goodwill by
asking too much of you.
4. Lastly, a purely selfish one. Security issues at the Church
dictate these eggs cannot be stored there, so we will take
them home in a ‘not too heavy’ bag and being the same size
can pack many more in.

EGGS (2) pdf